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Bathroom remodels are a big project, and your family will live with the finished product for years, even decades. So it’s important that you work with a trustworthy team who can guide you in your decision making process. We take pride in helping your family find the proper balance between quality materials, and matching your budget.

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Bathroom update
removal & replacement

Our bathroom update program is a great option for homeowners who aren’t planning to move walls or change the footprint of their bathrooms. Our 1-2 day bathroom program can include a direct removal & replacement of the following:

Custom Bathrooms
includes change to layout

A custom bathroom remodel includes — changes to the bathroom layout, new vanity, countertops, fixtures and accessories, flooring
and new toilet.

Get Our Bathroom Product Guide

Our guide is packed with inspirational kitchen projects, before-and-after stories, and an overview on the most popular kitchen layouts & designs of 2023.

Get Our Bathroom Product Guide

Our guide is packed with inspirational bathroom projects, before-and-after stories, and an overview on the most popular bathroom layouts & designs of 2023.

Relax and unwind in a modern bathroom

The bathroom is your family’s most used area of the home. Doesn’t your family deserve an inspirational space?
What inspires you?

  • Elegant and timeless aesthetic
  • Modern American look and feel
  • Clean, comforting, inviting
  • Traditional + contemporary elements
  • Modern and minimalist components
  • Artistic elements
  • Straight and horizontal lines
  • Uniquely bold simplicity
  • Sleekly sophisticated
  • Exotic and high-end materials
  • Clean lines and timeless silhouettes
  • Minimalist styling

See the 7 Most Popular Bathroom Design Styles of 2023

Download the Free Inspiration Guide Below.

Download the Free Inspiration Guide Below.

Premium Bathroom Remodeling -
For An Extraordinary Bathroom Experience!

Bathrooms are important in any home, and people do contribute to the design of a comfortable and well-equipped space. As a result, if not well maintained, Bathrooms can be particularly unhealthy areas to spend time in after a shower because they tend to gather fungus and mold growth.

Are you bewildered about the bathroom renovation? Perhaps you are concerned about not being able to find a reputable bathroom contractor that can supply you with excellent bathroom renovation ideas.

A Bathroom Renovation Can Improve The Comfort, Functionality, And Enhance The Value Of Your Home

Despite the fact that there are numerous bathroom renovation companies in Georgia, Bowser Construction Group is a renowned construction company that maintains integrity and professionalism in this interior design field.

Why Choose Bowser Construction Group For Your Next Bathroom Remodeling Project?

Why do Georgians seek bathroom renovation projects? Popular reasons include updating an outdated design aesthetic, improving comfort and safety, and increasing the value of your property.

Hiring a competent bathroom contractor, such as Bowser Construction Group, helps prevent design or installation errors. Our skilled bathroom designers and installers will use their domain expertise to remodel vanity cabinets, replace the flooring, and install the shower or tub of your dreams. If you want to update your showering experience, think about installing a wall mount, rain showerhead, or body sprayer.

We also provide a range of flooring and tile solutions for the bathroom. Choose from vinyl tiles, natural stone, porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles, and more to discover the perfect blend of comfort, practicality, and beauty. Work with our experts to create a new bathroom that satisfies your demands.

Complete Services For Repairs And Maintenance

For all of your bathroom renovation needs, turn to Bowser Construction Group. We provide plumbing, drywall, painting, laminating, and hardwood flooring services, as well as expert and reliable electrical solutions.

No bathroom is complete without resolving the lighting or plumbing issues, so let Bowser Construction Group handle them. At the same time, you receive prompt, competent service that won’t end until you are utterly impressed with your new bathroom.

Additionally, we don’t leave a mess behind; instead, we leave the newly renovated bathroom spotless so that you may enjoy taking pictures of it. We are the finest bathroom remodelers in Georgia, and we work diligently to provide you with a stylishly updated bathroom. After seeing it, you will undoubtedly fall in love with your newly renovated bathroom.

Give Your Bathroom The Level Of Elegance And Refinement It Deserves!

Bowser Construction Group is efficient and executive. We are referred to friends by our clients for a reason—we can handle anything, and we’ll do it well.

Our business will renovate your old, worn-out bathroom into a brand-new one at a great price, but our skilled service will really impress you! Call Us For Your Free Estimation Today! 770-359-7930