Invest In A Fresh Look For Your Basement!

You shouldn’t ignore your basement just because it’s hidden from view. You can trust us as your top home remodeling contractor to swiftly and correctly transform your basement into a lovely, usable place for the whole family. Renovating your basement is a terrific way to expand your living space and even the value of your home.

But because foundation repairs, plumbing, and electrical work are all involved, it can be a challenging project. Hiring a professional to transform that gloomy and dusty storage area into a lovely space for your family to enjoy is a good idea whether you have dreams of a new game room, home theatre, or even an additional bedroom.

Trust Bowser Construction Group To Transform Your Basement Into A Stunning And Functional Space.

We enjoy building basements in Georgia because it gives us the ability to transform a completely empty canvas into something creative, pleasurable, stunning, and practical. Whether we’re creating a new area or remodeling one that has already been built, we’ll consider everything from the planning and design to the electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems, as well as any required permits.

Additionally, we can add features like specially designed built-in cabinets, heated flooring, wood or gas fireplaces, or specialized wiring for surround sound and other entertainment requirements. Our basement renovations are exquisite, and our customers are overjoyed when the project is finished. To discuss remodeling or renovation ideas for the basement, contact us. Ready For A Chic Basement Makeover? Contact Now. Call us at 770-359-7930

Giving Your Home A Livelier Space
Bowser Construction Group is aware that for homeowners, finishing or renovating a basement can be a difficult task. Home renovations can transform your dim, perhaps gloomy basement into a social hub for the whole family and friends. If you are unsure what you want to do with your basement, consider the following basement remodeling ideas we offer you:

Living Suite

The addition of a living suite to your basement boosts the value of your home, whether it is for current or future family living quarters or for rental purposes. Your unfinished space can be transformed into a home by including bathrooms, a kitchen, a living room, and bedrooms.

Multi-Use Open Concept Space

What you do with this space is entirely up to you, and it can be repurposed by finishing an open-concept area. The possibilities are unlimited, whether it begins as a playroom for small children and subsequently develops into a rec room with game tables or a second family room.

Bedroom & Office

Building additional rooms in the basement provide extra space for several uses. You can enlarge the master bedrooms or add more rooms to accommodate visitors or a growing family. Additionally, you might create a home office in your recently renovated basement.

Spas & Bathrooms

The bathroom you’ve always wanted may not be possible in the rest of your house, but thanks to the space in your basement, you can finally design the spa retreat you deserve. In order to give your home an extra touch of leisure, the Bowser Construction Group team can also install saunas as part of our basement renovation projects.

Children Play Area

A parent’s best buddy can be a finished basement. People with young children would appreciate having a designated play area where kids can be kids, make a mess, and have fun. You will have a ton of extra space after remodeling your basement, which you can use to keep playhouses, toys, and games. You may repurpose your basement when your kids get older.

Home Theater

Why pay more for theatre food and tickets when you can watch movies in the comfort of your own home? You wouldn’t ever need to go to the theatre again if you had some plush seating, a great sound system, and your very own popcorn maker.


A basement bar is a terrific option if you enjoy hosting parties, and most homeowners adore this modern concept. It is a flexible addition that can boost your finished basement’s entertainment potential.


A cozy gathering by the fireplace is a beautiful way to unwind and spend time with those you cherish. By including this feature, you may transform your new basement space from a gloomy, frigid space into a cozy, welcoming haven.


A home gym relieves the need for a membership, is accessible around the clock, and lets you work out in the setting that most suits your needs. Consider adding mirrors to one wall so you can observe your form, and attach a computer or television so you can view how-to videos.

Wine Cellar

If you’re the kind of person who takes pride in their sizable wine collection, let the Bowser Construction Group crew build you a wine cellar you can be proud of.