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A home addition is a significant home renovation project that adds a finished living area to an existing home. With a custom home addition, Georgia homeowners can transform their current home into their dream home.

Building Additions To Your Home That Flawlessly Blend With It

Building an addition to your home is a crucial task that needs to take into account every component of the house. A poorly executed addition can completely change the aesthetic and atmosphere of your home. With Bowser Construction Group, you can be confident that your home additions will mesh with the aesthetics and practicality of your home without a hitch.

Our experienced and skilled designers are experts at fusing new and old spaces to improve them. We are specialists in creating eye-catching, sizable extensions that enhance your space while allowing your family the freedom to prosper.

Types of home additions:
  • Family room
  • Living room
  • Bedroom
  • Kids Room
  • Room conversion
  • Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU)
  • Two-story extension
  • Expanded kitchen
  • Basement
  • Sunroom
  • Pool House
  • In-law suite
  • Bump outs
  • Garage conversion and more!
Room Additions

Adding a new room is a fantastic approach to personalize your home and raise its worth. We can construct single-room buildings with a single function or bump-outs that expand the size of an existing room. We can carry out your concept, whether you need a second bedroom, a personal yoga studio, or a bit additional area for your perfect kitchen.

We also receive a lot of inquiries from Georgian homeowners for sunroom additions. These extra living spaces are ideal for providing your family with a serene setting where they may bask in the warmth and light of the sun.

We can use more traditional building methods to blend in with the rest of your house or use innovative materials to create a sunroom that feels like a private retreat.


Additional Dwelling Unit is referred to as ADU. ADUs are compact, independent dwelling units attached to or extended from existing real estate. Mother-in-law suites, granny flats, casitas, backyard cottages, garage apartments, and basement apartments are other names for ADUs.

If you’re feeling cramped in your existing place, a custom home addition can give you the extra space you need. Suppose you have extended family visiting, adult children returning home, or desire a different source of income

In that case, an Additional Dwelling Unit (ADU) that connects to your home or is a separate property on your premises will provide privacy and convenience for you and its residents.

An excellent method to rediscover your affection for your property is adding extra space. You can expand your living quarters with a home addition to better accommodate your family, profession, and visitors.

Second-Story Additions

Your beloved home could become inadequate as your family expands or as your situation changes. When you need more room, a second-story addition can smoothly increase your living space without affecting lot lines or shrinking your yard.

Although a second-story addition is a more extensive home renovation, it offers you an extraordinary chance to make significant changes to your house.

With the roof off, we may increase the height of your first-floor ceilings, combine smaller bedrooms to make better use of the area, and make sure the new addition properly complements the design and architecture of your home.

You can make changes to your home to suit your needs while remaining in the familiar and beloved zone.

In-law Additions

Increases for an in-law suite can be built onto any side of your house and often include a kitchenette, living room, bedroom, dressing area, and bathroom.


These alternatives don’t just add one room to your home; they frequently cater to people who wish to double the size of their current residence to accommodate one guest or more.


Numerous new options become available when a storage facility, like a garage or attic, is transformed into a new living space.

Conversions are good room expansions since they add valuable square footage without requiring the construction of a new structure. Instead, a professional home remodeling contractor such as Bowser Construction Group will transform your underused area.

Patio Addition For The Entrance

A yard addition will raise your check offer while also attracting potential outcomes. Most patio additions are built onto the front of the house but can also be extended to the back.

Offering All Types Of Home Additions And ADU

Our skilled and creative staff at Bowser Construction Group can handle all sorts of home extensions and ADUs. We are ready to assist you whether you need to expand an existing space in your home (like the kitchen, bathroom, or living room), add a new room addition, or build a master bedroom on the first floor, in the basement, or as a second story.

As an elite general contractor, we support the design and planning of your home addition or ADU by assisting you in analyzing your choices, offering suggestions, exchanging ideas, and working together. Our exceptional services are created to suit your preferences and time constraints.

Our Process
  • Phase 1: The homeowner meets with the project manager and engineer to receive a comprehensive project overview and get their questions answered.
  • Phase 2: To guarantee the project runs successfully, a thorough site study is carried out to ascertain the current site condition, take measurements, test the soil quality, and conduct other pertinent procedures.
  • Phase 3: The project’s engineering and design plans are presented to the client for assessment and approval.
  • Phase 4: Obtaining building permissions, starting construction, and planning milestone inspections.
Enhance The Value Of Your Home

We can combine any of our services into your new home, from inviting sunrooms to gorgeous outdoor kitchens and entertainment areas. We may even plan for the construction of an ADU from the start so that your dream home is prepared to accommodate your friends, family, and way of living.

Whether your dream home is basic and eco-friendly, stunningly opulent, or something completely different, we look forward to creating it alongside you. Ready To Add On To Your Home? Call us at 770-359-7930